Sunday, October 07, 2012

"Two Brothers"

It's almost like there's some kind of pattern to all this.
Two brothers have been jailed for a raft of sexual offences including pimping out young girls to workers at a curry house for £150 sex sessions.
Ahdel Ali, 24, was sentenced to 18 years in prison, while his 29-year-old brother Mubarek was handed a 14-year-term by Judge Patrick Thomas QC at Worcester Crown Court.
During the brothers' trial the court heard that the two men systematically groomed young girls for after hour sex sessions at the restaurant.
Note the location too. Apparently, it isn't just some kind of weird 'Northern' thing, after all. Maybe it's an allergic reaction to the spices in the curry?

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Ross said...

A female friend of mine, who is 20 years old, worked in an asian part of Leicester (Highfields) this year for a company where she was the only white person.

In the six months she was there she had one Pakistani colleague offer her money for sex, her boss's 40 something son trying to ply her with alcohol and hug her in a Jimmy Savile style, a shopkeeper holding on to her trying to groper her and her having to slap him to get away and most sinister of all had a man follow her for about ten minutes in a car as she walked to the bus station trying to persuade her to get into his car.

Frankly the problem is endemic in Pakistani culture.