Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reminder: The Civil Liberty Lobby Is A Fraud

The Government finally takes action to restore the right to self-defence, and looks who's there to celebrate:
The plan was attacked by the civil liberties group Liberty, whose director Shami Chakrabarti said: ‘Terrified householders defending themselves are already protected, so the irresponsible announcement can only be designed to make people afraid or actually encourage vigilante execution.’
Yep: vigilantes lying in wait in their beds.

 Or possibly sleeping. Who can tell?

The left's attitude to self-defence has always relied on the assumption that a gang of career criminals kicking down someone's door at 4 AM are just loveable Jack-the-Lads while householders are all homicidal lunatics. Mind you, even that's better than soi-dissant civil libertarians suddenly deciding that you just can't trust the plebs with 'rights' and the state knows best.

As Britain's most consistently brilliant blogger once pointed out, if liberals truly believe that the current laws on self-defence don't have a chilling effect on the public, they surely won't mind if we extend the principle to other areas, hmmm?

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Rob said...

Liberty's positions are entirely consistent: anything which protects normal, non-criminal or non-weird citizens is to be deplored.

Liberty - asserting the civil liberty to rob someone's house with no fear of resistance.