Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Government Faces Up To The Kebab Menace

As far as this goes, three things come to mind:

i/ I'll believe it when I see it

ii/Does he mean 'closed' in the traditional sense of 'not open' or in the modern sense of 'wide open providing you keep lodging super, special, emergency appeals against deportation for the next fifty years'?

iii/ Greece? Really? This is what's finally convinced him of the need for border security? There's not much to say about Athens, but it sure beats Mogadishu.

Mind you, sleazy and self-serving though the Nu Tories may be, when it comes to stupid, you can't beat the left:
Denis MacShane, the former Labour Europe minister, was among those who criticised Mrs May when the suggestion of border controls was first raised...

“And of course, if we ban every Greek from coming into Britain, the Greeks will ban every Brit from going into Greece – that's a great start to the holiday season
... although in fairness to McShameless, it's probably difficult to distinguish between welfare tourists and the real thing when you can't even tell the diffference between an office and a garage.


North Northwester said...

So, basically, after decades of effort, blood sacrifice, obeying our acknowledged leaders and giving all we’ve got, there’s only this horse/thing left.
What’s the logical thing to do?
Bring the horse back onto the front garden and party all night on the front porch and see what bright, harmless future the morrow brings.
Seriously, what could ever go wrong?

JuliaM said...

Ah. I saw the title and clicked on it, thinking 'At last! Justice for Charlene Downes!'.

But alas, it wasn't to be...