Monday, July 02, 2012

You Can't Fix Crazy

The real lesson of this is summed up by the commentor who says that it really should mark the end of any attempts to not offend these loons.

Me, I think of it like the old Charles Atlas adverts, where the big bully kicks sand into the face of the seven-stone weakling.... except with liberals following on behind the bully loudly claiming that the weedy guy was obviously provoking him.


JuliaM said...

I sincerely hope Mark Steyn toils in those opinion mines for many years to come...

Trundle said...

Although this is not a UK story you could run a similar Muslim whining story from our own muslim community and its leaders.

Sadly although the average Brit seems to see that the time has come to stop pandering to Muslims and their 'grievances', the politicians both local and national think otherwise and cannot or will not see that the followers of a 7th Century illiterate warlord are not behaving as immigrants but as colonisers.

The quicker we can remove our treasonous politicos the quicker we can both assimilate the decent muslims and deport the nutters.