Thursday, April 22, 2010

Non-Mainstreaming Latest: Reality Now Illegal

Yes, indeed: in so far as the 'progressives' now demand that we can't call their little friends what they indisputably are, it is the very definition of 'mainstreaming'. In so far as these people are apparently enraged by the mere act of calling a 'paedophile' a 'paedophile', they can't hardly deny that it the very concept of 'paedophilia' that they are opposed to.

Certainly, it's not as if the demands of the register are particularly onerous:
Their name, address and date of birth are recorded, with details of any pseudonyms they use and their National Insurance number. Each individual is required to notify the police, in person, of any changes, and also if they intend to leave the country.
Hey, you know who else has to inform the government every time they move house? Every one with a driving licence. As for the whole leaving the country thing, well.....

Key point: a football banning order doesn't even require an actual conviction, just a suspicion that the subject may be involved in trouble, at some future date, so doubtless the usual suspects will be protesting them any day soon, right?


Hey, is it just me or is there an echo in here?

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JuliaM said...

To be fair, there's the occasional column in CiF about the way football supporters are treated.

But compared with the 100,000th column on the plight of the Palestinians, well...