Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Past Is A Different Country

...At least I'm guessing it is, otherwise liberals would be enormous humbugs.

And then there's this...

And this...

And this too.


TDK said...

Rupert Myers of the Guardian mixs
outrage with defence.

It's a conspiracy: No one seems to have questioned the scruples of a news team who wire a partially sighted man, then leave the microphone on him to find out what it might pick up off-camera. Is Sky News taking advantage of the prime minister's disability

It was honest: Brown may not achieve eloquence, but as the curtain closes on his premiership he may yet achieve a genuine connection with the public.

The true significance of this hasn't dawned yet on the political classes. Labour has despised the attitudes of its core voters for a generation. At last we see the concerns of the core Labour voter laid out and the true response of the Labour party.

Blognor Regis said...

So far up their own arse:

They're better that you, of course.

Stan said...

You have to be fair to the progressives. They may not have succeeeded in everything, but there is no doubt they've made a lot of progress in the police force as that final link to the BBC story reveals.

"The report, which followed the Met's failure to successfully prosecute a gang of white youths for the murder of Stephen Lawrence, found ethnic minorities in Britain felt under-protected as victims and over-policed as suspects."

Yep - and today we all feel under-protected as victims and over-policed as suspects. That's how egalitarianism works in practice.