Monday, April 12, 2010

Is Raping Terrorists OK?

I'm starting to develop a soft spot for Tony Blair. He's still a weasel but at least he's got more class than folks like Robert Harris. Harris and the rest of the kool aid drinkers hailed Blair as the messiah, right up until the moment Blair went off the reservation, at which point he became the evillest man evah!

Of course, moral seriousness have never been the left's thing. Still, the latest twist in it all is special. They've made a movie of Harris's novel in which a thinly-disguised Tony Blair is hiding out in the US to avoid prosecution for 'war crimes' - the alleged torture of Islamofascist lunatics.

And who's directing this piece of dreck?
The controversy that attended publication of the novel has been equalled by that surrounding the making of the film because the director is Roman Polanski, a figure beleaguered and trapped much as Harris’s Adam Lang is.
Well, that's one way to put it. The other would be that Polanski is a fugitive from justice who raped a young girl, then pled it down to 'only' statutory rape, and fled the US after he was convicted.

Is this the perfect insight into modern liberalism or what? They pen masturbatory revenge fantasises about their opponents being put on trial for bogus crimes. Meanwhile, a violent sexual predator who preys on young girls is a victim because he's missed a season's skiing.


JuliaM said...

"Is this the perfect insight into modern liberalism or what?"

Why, yes. Yes, I do believe it is.

North Northwester said...

But will it flop like all those other 'Bush lied and millions died' Hollywood Daily-Kos flicks?

Or is making money even a consideration? After forty years of the American film industry being pure liberal/democrat propaganda, a possibly non-citizen and definitely Alinskyite Marxist friend of terrorists won the White House - and only several millions of Americans noticed and didn't care. Dark days indeed.

Blair Supporter said...

I was so 'impressed' by the works of Ghostly fiction of these 'wallies', (as we in Britain call creeps like Polanski and Harris, in our generous moments) that I thought I'd pen my own version. This is just for starters:

Ross said...

Raping terrorists is fine as long as they are under 16.

Anonymous said...

these 'wallies', (as we in Britain call creeps like Polanski and Harris, in our generous moments)

Polanski is a 'nonce' as we Britain call it.