Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Process Is The Punishment (Part 2404)

Hey, remember those evvvvvvvil raycists who abused innocent 'Asian' anti-war activists in Luton? Well, you never guess guess but....

Yep, released without charge. Which is to say arrested on bogus grounds, put through the mill, smeared in the press, then released just as soon as our PC PCs have to front up with some evidence. Who'd have thunk it?

Equally shocking: the same MSM which supplies us with the names of folks who aren't actually guilty of anything at all, are kind of coy when reporting on the possible motivations of rioting scumbags. Clearly, they must be a Mob of No Appearance. True, the distinctly non-diverse mob in the photo does hint at the truth, as does the cringingly dhimmi response from the Head, but from the MSM reporting you'd think the teacher in question was a Mathematician of No Affiliation. Guess his lessons must have been a real blast, eh?

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