Sunday, March 22, 2009

Liberals 4 Self-Defence

Hey, who knew? Turns out liberals are all for using force to defend your home and family after all. Well, they are under certain, special circumstances.

Other folk aren't as lucky.

So, for those of you keeping score at home, we have a guy leaving the safety of his house to attack someone who might threaten him, should he succeed in breaking in, who uses a knife on an unarmed man, stabbing him multiple times, including in the back. By my count that's a least four points the CPS would use to try and hang Joe Public, but the legal establishment does all but offer to clean the knife for him. Meanwhile, using a weapon on a steroid-enhanced thug with a record of violent insanity and a penchant for going round tooled up results in the government bending over backwards to try and get a conviction, plus when the inevitable happens, they get all snippy:
Detective Chief Inspector Mick Atkinson, the senior investigating officer, said.. “We would urge anyone who feels under threat in a situation like this one to contact police at the earliest opportunity and not take the law into their own hands.
So shooting someone who's actually broken in is taking the law into your own hands, but charging out the house to go all Norman Bates on some drunk guy who's murdered a window? That gets this:
They said Mr Bunglawala called the police when he became aware that the man had got into a porch area and was kicking the front door, breaking a window in the process.

The lawyers say their client then got a knife in an attempt to scare off the man.

Last week, the Crown Prosecution Service said Mr Bunglawala had no case to answer.

Mr Bunglawala had good reason to fear, not only for his own safety but for that of his wife and children.
At least he only used a knife instead of something really dangerous, like an airgun. For that matter, at least Tony Martin shot a member of a whole gang of felons who had actually broken into his house. On the other hand, the prospect of some law-abiding guy getting a little lost after too much Vitamin XXX and being sliced and diced by a vigilante householder is exactly the type of case liberals always wheel out to prove the public can't be trusted to defend themselves.

Hey, I'm all for libs finally acknowledging that there is something completely bonkers about laws that require householders to actually wait until scumbags have forced their way into their home, before allowing them to apply a carefully calibrated use of force, ceasing immediately the assailant is neutralised, but instinct tells me there's a little something else going on here.

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