Sunday, March 22, 2009

Liberal Heroism: Like A Man Throwing Himself On A Live Grenadine

Oooooh, get her!
The Judge told them: 'It would be very easy for me, and there are many that would congratulate me, if I locked you up for as long as I could.'
See, that: boldly standing up in the face of the lynch mob. Truly, he's the Atticus Finch of Teeside.

But wait... who exactly are these people he's defying? Anyone - anyone at all -in his social circle? Or able to influence his life in any way?

Nada. The only thing that guy's risking is developing a bruise on the back from all his fellow hipster trash congratulating him on his courage in standing up to the vulgar Daily Mail-reading masses and their horribly unnuanced views on crime and punishment (i.e. that one should follow the other).

Liberalism is bad enough on first principles without having to listen to members of our incestuous elite hailing their own heroism in standing up to the guy in the street.

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