Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Steyn D'Jour

Another day, another great point from Steyn:
The embittered white men are just about the only demographic weighing these candidates on their merits. The significant proportion of women and blacks in the Democratic base for whom identity politics trumps all is what's stopping either candidate from gaining the momentum that would have emerged in a contest between two squaresville dead European males. It's the identity-uber-alles blocs that prevent the black guy from finishing off the feminist or vice-versa.
Indeed. The most visible feature of the modern leftist is a sense of grievance. Their arguments might not make any sense, but they're sure all the problems in the world are down to The (White) Man.

There's no discernible ideological spine there, just a shared set of hatreds. The trouble for the Democrat brass is that after spending decades cultivating their supporters sense of victimhood and encouraging them to wallow in insane conspiracy theories, they can't hardly put the genie back in the bottle now.

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