Friday, April 11, 2008

Big Brother Is Watching You Mow The Lawn

Even I, experienced chronicler of the social pathology known as liberalism, occasionally find myself wondering how these people manage it. Surely there must be some liberals who can see the insanity of this ?

Not only that, but while the snoopers were on one side of town checking the catchment areas weren't being breached, Trading Standards were over the other side checking allegations that the local pizza parlours had a secret agreement to split the market up along the line of main street.

No, not really.

It's an analogy, see ? I making the point that if private companies did what state schools do as a matter of routine, it'd be highly illegal. Of course, for the analogy really to hold, one of the pizza shops would have to give half the customers botulism, but without getting closed down because the environmental health officers prefer to work with them on a five year plan to get it down to 40%. Plus at any one time half the staff would be either stoned or absent.

Strangely, a system which is run entirely for the benefit of the suppliers has been having trouble attracting public support. Hence why parents of young children risk finding liberals hiding in their bin. Terrorists liberals claim to understand, but parents who fail to sacrifice their children's prospects to the cause of providing liberals with jobs for life ? Just plain evil!

Like I've said before, these lives aren't being wrecked for any real reason. It's not that the country is running low on good education, or we need to leave behind a rearguard so the rest of the kids can make it back to Dunkirk. Nope, it's simply because no party in Britain will hold the edutards to account. The more complex the plans politicians unveil to reform education, the more obvious it becomes that they'll do anything except grab some beardy stoner by the scruff of the neck and throw his worthless backside out on the kerb.

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