Sunday, April 06, 2008

Huge Media Corporation Abuses Power To Crush Competitiors, Avoid Public Scrutiny

See, this is why we need a state broadcaster. You wouldn't catch the BBC indulging in this sort of thing.....
Kevin Spacey, the Hollywood actor and theatre director, has accused the BBC of breaching its strict advertising guidelines with TV talent shows like Any Dream Will Do and I'd Do Anything.

The Oscar-winning star said that the corporation was "crossing the line" and creating unfair competition by airing programmes in which aspiring singer and actors compete for lead roles in West End musicals.
Indeed. Every now and again some Beeboid tries the 'Blue Planet' defence - the claim that we should go easy on the BBC 'cause, hey, every year or so they produce one program of genuine quality. And all that for only £3.5 billion pa.

But that's not the only thing. Not only is the BBC an expensive way to produce a few quality programs, there's the other thing Spacey points to: just how many quality productions don't get made by independent producers because no matter how good they might be, the BBC can crush them like a bug anyway ?

Don't expect anyone on the left to ask this question. The folks who're convinced big corporations secretly control the weather, CD sales and who'll win the FA Cup have a 180' blind spot when it comes to this corporation - and don't expect the Nu Tories to do anything either.

It'd be easy to mock Nadine Dorries for this but at least she's honest. More to the point, she's already made herself a marked women with her opposition to liberalism's favourite operation and I'm fairly sure she can't be the only Tory in Westminster. Still, in so far as MPs now admit to a relucatnce to hold the BBC to account for fear of retaliation, that does kind of end the debate over whether the BBC is too powerful (plus it also nicely sums up just how worthless the Tories are).

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