Thursday, January 16, 2020

World War Cancelled Due To Lack Of Interest

The more time goes on, the more obvious it is that when members of the Foreign Affairs division of the snoot class talk about the dangers of Donald Trump's foreign policy, they chiefly mean the dangers to their own generous sinecures.

Just two weeks ago we were assured the world was on the brink of war after the US - for totally no reason whatsoever - killed a high-ranking member of the Iranian government (who just happened to find himself in a country where the US embassy had just been attacked and a US citizen killed).

Now? Not so much. 

Just as with North Korea and the China trade talks, the dim bulb lout Trump has somehow managed to handle the situation far better than the certified members of the Guild of Foreign Policy have managed in decades. Who knew the New York property developer would have a better grasp of brinkmanship than the snoots who spend their days writing 5,000 word articles for The Economist titled 'Where Now For Ghana '?

None of this matters though. The snoots have decided that Trump is a dangerous moron and they need to say it at every opportunity - which is one more thing they've got wrong. They think calling Trump an idiot on TV is a devastating rhetorical point even as it becomes ever more clear that most of the foreign policy establishment couldn't predict an outbreak of heavy drinking on New Year's Eve. The whole reason why people voted Trump is summed up in a snooty governing class explaining why even people who has been consistently wrong about everything are nevertheless way smarter than loser schlubs like the President of the United States.

Like I said at the time, the real revelation in Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch's leaked reports wasn't that he was another Never Trumper from central casting, it was that he was so tediously predictable about it all. He's our representative to our most important ally and so, allegedly, our best and brightest, and he sounds like he's doing Open Mike night at the local comedy club. Hey, that Donald Trump's so stoopid, am I right?

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