Monday, January 20, 2020

The Brie Larson Of British Politics

Yes, my friends, it is a blow that our girl Dianne Abbot isn't standing for the Labour leadership, but we're not liberals, we can take the rough with smooth and look on the bright side. Just think about the hole the MSM has now found itself in. MSM poster girl Jess Philips is standing for the leadership and suddenly the MSM is faced with either doubling down on its refusal to actually cover this psycho properly, or alternatively admitting that they've spent years covering for a sleazy snoot in socioeconomic blackface....

Yep, that's Fact Number One that the media never reports: working class heroine Jess Philips is in reality the daughter of a former second in command of the entire NHS. She didn't climb her way up from the streets, she just got the concierge to order the Express Elevator for her.

Her whole CV is like that, but instead of holding her to account, the MSM has actively run interference for her.

Hey, you can't even get anyone in the MSM to ask how that lawsuit is going...

BTW, watch the original footage and decide for yourself if this someone who takes issue like male suicide seriously.  

Heartbroken, she is, clearly! 

Fortunately, now the spotlight is on her, even the MSM's ability to cover for Princess Fraudypants is breaking down. Take a look at this.

Yep, somehow our savvy watchdog media failed to find anything suspicious in the tortured form of words used on her website or question her constant references to her made up degree. They were probably too busy stalking Youtubers.

All of this does raise a few questions though: firstly, what's the academic equivalent of stolen valour?

Stolen study?



Also, how the hell do you fail a degree in public sector management? It's not even a real subject!

There's certainly no evidence of any actual management in the real world public sector. Come to think of it, in so far as she bailed out with the job half done then lied about it to anyone who asked, I'd say she was perfectly qualified for a job in the public sector.

But the real question is this: now she's been exposed as a fraud (again), just how are her friends on the MSM going to spin her as the victim this time?

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Anonymous said...

"working class heroine Jess Philips is in reality the daughter of a former second in command of the entire NHS"

To be fair, you'd never guess that when she opens her mouth.

I see she's just dropped out, which is good. When Wes Streeting and Chris Bryant are backing you, you're a bad 'un.