Thursday, January 09, 2020

Stay Back! He's Got A Biro And He's Not Afraid To Use It

Good news shipmates! Chief Inspector Ahab in Durham has finally nailed the Great White Terrorist.

Yes, indeed. People can now sleep safe in their beds knowing the police are hard at work stopping people writing things.

Yep, really:
A teenage neo-Nazi terrorist who identified possible targets in his home city has today been locked up for six years and eight months.
The 17-year-old boy drafted his own manifesto which listed 'Areas to Attack' in Durham such as schools, pubs and council buildings. He also wrote of planning to conduct an arson spree with Molotov cocktails on local synagogues.
Various handwritten documents were seized from his bedroom in March by police who also found a collection of far-right literature, Manchester Crown Court heard.
Analysis of his computer devices and mobile phone uncovered numerous internet searches on firearms, explosives and knives....
The youth was also unanimously found guilty of disseminating a terrorist publication, possessing an article for a purpose connected with terrorism and three counts of possessing a document or record containing information likely to be useful to a terrorist.
So, basically, he wrote some stuff and read some stuff. This must be some special government definition of 'planning'... although, come to think of it, this apparent confusion of vaguely fantasising about something with actually planning it might explain a lot about the modern police service.

Cressida Dick probably put 'Reduce Knife Crime' on her vision board then just forgot about it.

Plus, if young people fantasising about killing their enemies is now a jailable offence, well, I'm guessing this could get embarrassing for the Guardian.

Really embarrassing.

Say, I wonder what the difference is between these two cases?

Equality FTW!

It doesn't get any better:
In the month before his arrest in March, he repeatedly searched for and visited websites related to 'lone wolf' attacks by the likes of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh, the Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Breivik and Columbine High School shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
Huh? The Columbine killers were hardly political. And then there's this:
He had also purchased the manifestos of Breivik and another terrorist, Ted Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber.
Say, if Brevik was far-right, how come the Unabomber isn't 'far left'?
In journal entries the youth wrote of his admiration for Adolf Hitler - 'a brave man to say the least', Moors murderer Ian Brady - 'how wonderful it is to be an amoral individual' and murderous cult leader Charles Manson.
So that's one guy who's Literally Hitler, a pervert and a grifter who got too caught up in his own scam.
In August 2018 he wrote a things-to-do list, which included the instruction 'shed empathy' and referenced a shooting at a video gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, where two people were killed.
The Fuhrer was well known for his hatred of video gamers!
The youth also wrote of his dislike of school, spoke disparagingly of Durham having a Jewish MP and described the North East as a 's***hole', stating 'the people are loathable, the sights forgettable and the police laughable'.
Sounds like the average Corbynista to me!

This is clearly a case of a seriously screwed up kid, deep into some dark stuff, but an actual terrorist?


Who's the victim exactly? And how does any of this not apply to Owen Jones... or about eight bazilion other teenage boys? If this guy's a 'Nazi terrorist', does that mean every goth in the country is a vampire?

And that's not the worst of it.  Check this out:
It is understood that the boy had initially been referred to Prevent, the government's anti-extremism mechanism, but failed to engage fully. 
Yep, he's such a super dangerous terrorist that they... left him on the streets.

He was OK to carry on terroristically writing things in a terrorising way, right up until he failed to show due respect for the unelected, unaccountable commissars running a supposed anti-extremism program based on an ideology responsible for 100 million deaths. That's why he got jailed.

If only he had agreed that there are five lights, he would still be out there now, free to write Mein Kampf II: No More Mr Nice Guy.


Edward Lud said...

Good post. Sounds like pre-crime.

JuliaM said...

"...although, come to think of it, this apparent confusion of vaguely fantsising about something with actually planning it might explain a lot about the modern police service."