Sunday, August 06, 2017

It's Different When They Do It

The BBC is still struggling with the blowback after revelations over a so-called ‘gender pay gap’ in its wage structure. Personally, I think they’ve been harshly treated: whatever the difference in men & women’s earnings, at least pay rates were equal across the other 47 genders, so you know…

But this does raise the deeper point: the BBC has spent years claiming that any difference in pay or conditions between men and women, or black and white for that matter, can only be the result of bigotry, and furthermore anyone who disagrees is a huge Bigoty McBigot. Hence, why even rinky-dink little firms in Nowhereshire trying to recruit a night watchman need to put in a place a bloated formal process to prove their innocence, just in case some treasure hunting weasel trys it on.

Meanwhile, it turns out that liberals are recruiting each other for top jobs over lunch at the Groucho Club, more or less, and that’s just the way it is. Take Gary Lineker: he’s given the thick end of £2 million a year but they can’t tell you who else was considered for the job, who decided to hire him or what performance metrics he needs to achieve to get his contract renewed.

No wonder liberals are obsessed with the idea that the country is full of old school tie wearing Ruperts and Sebastians giving each other top jobs. Like the Third Law says, liberals always project.

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