Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Crocodile Feeding Expedition Ends Much As Expected

This sounds awful!

They should write to their MPs.

Hey, I'd be more sympathetic, but the clue is in the question: if MPs can be victimised with impunity, what does that say about how less well-connected people on the right are likely to be treated by law enforcement, or the likely career prospects of openly conservative police officers?

It's the same in the rest of the public sector. As it happens, there are 316 Conservative MPs right now, so that's about 300 more than there are conservative professors in the whole of academia. How about schools? Even the Guardian (!) is worried they're too much of a monoculture. And so on.

Enough with the sob sister stuff, what do they want to do to actually drain the swamp?

Ah yes, that is the root of the problem. If Theresa May is known for anything at all - aside from blowing dead cert elections - it's her stupid 'nasty party' speech in which she threw the conservative base under the bus, parroting every libel the left has ever come up with against grass roots conservatives. The Nu Tories have spent years giving a winking, smirking endorsement to violence against supposed right-wing extremists. I mean, they're Literally Hitler anyway, right?

All that's changed now is that the chickens have come home to roost. The Tories forget the one iron rule of politics: a Nazi is just a conservative winning an argument with a liberal. 


L fairfax said...

Very true, I always no platforming other parties would lead to this.

L fairfax said...

Oops I should have I always thought that no platforming other parties would lead to this.

JuliaM said...

*coo coo coo*

Hark! The sound of pigeons coming home to roost!

All the popcorn must have attracted them....

Nick Roberts said...

It is of course un-Christian to feel Schadenfreude at these hothouse flowers’ discomfiture. So having been pooh-poohed by Oxbridge twerps 1.0 s in ties about the many assaults – physical and verbal - that red-brick uni students suffered in the fricking 1980s “Don’t worry old chap, they’ll grow up and become respectable someday and there are better things to do as Conservative students than fussing over a few harsh words” , whatever I’m feeling about theses Twerps 2.0 enduring actual threats and intimidation can’t therefore be anything other than a highly unorthodox form of sympathy, right?