Thursday, August 17, 2017

'Troll' Means Nothing

At this point, surely everyone on the right now knows that a troll is just someone winning an argument with a liberal. This is why when the MSM reports a trolling atrocity story they never quite get round to covering what it is today's baby seal said to draw fire in the first place.

Consider this latest example. Nope, she wasn't 'asserting the ethnic diversity of Roman Britain', she was supporting the open borders obsessed BBC's ludicrous attempts to rewrite history by claiming that the father of a 'typical family' in Roman Britain would be black (as summerised in this YouTube video).

Now you see what the MSM is so reluctant to tell what she actually said! It doesn't get any better on closer inspection. Her evidence for Roman Britain looking like Brixton was that there was a Roman Governor who was born in Algeria. That's her 'typical family' - the Emperor's representative in Britain. That's like claiming the Pope is a typical Catholic priest, and never mind that Algerians aren't now, and certainly weren't then, black, or that, by the same reasoning, Cliff Richard, Rudyard Kipling, Joanne Lumley and thousands of other children of the Raj would be 'typical Indians'.

And then there's the point Nassim Nicholas Taleb made. As befits a genuine genius (rather than a phoney-baloney beneficiary of the left's Witless Protection Program), he asked the key question: if Roman Britons really did look like the cast of Zulu, what happened to the descendants of all these people? No matter what happened in the intervening period, there should be some trace of their DNA in Britain, and there just isn't.

This isn't a matter for debate. With the state of modern DNA science, you may as well claim that fossils are just random rock formations, but the same liberals who sneer at creationists, will seriously claim that mass mutation has somehow robbed millions of Britons of their ancestral DNA (and, what's more, somehow substituted it with that of other ethnic groups).

If anyone is a troll, it would be the fraudy-pants wacademic unleashing a mob of liberal lackwits on anyone who questions her junk history... especially when even the BBC has started to back away from its ludicrous claims. 

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JuliaM said...

Neither does 'racist' any more.