Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This Is Why Your Taxes Are Going Up

Yes, it's true: Austerity Britain is paying people to count the stick figures in exam questions.

On the plus side, there may yet come a day when it's quite normal for patients to be seen by an Indian doctor.

Actually, this is a rare PC double: while they're dealing with the non-existent problem of Sikh under-achievement, they're also deflecting pressure to deal with the - actual, real - problem of male under-achievement. Boys aren't failing in schools becuase of lack of representation in exam questions any more than Tehran is Judenfrei becuase of a shortage of kosher delis.


Laban said...

To be fair, Jon, there are actually a fair few Jews in Tehran.

Although if Steve Sailer is correct, a fair few have emigrated to California, where they build some fairly tasteless properties (though I never liked Fake Spanish Colonial either, which there's also a fair bit of in CA)

Laban said...

There's a fair number of uses of the word 'fair' in my last comment.

JuliaM said...

Fair enough! ;)

North Northwester said...

No, it isn't fair enough.

You should have written 'brunette' five times to each 'fair' and 'ginger' once to each three 'fairs.'. And how many can't you colour at all because their hair is modestly coverd?

Get with the programme, Laban and Julia.

JuliaM said...


Trevor said...

I'm only suprised that it's taken so long for us to locate this particular slippery slope, but fully expect educationalists to hurl themselves down it with reckless abandon as soon as they hear of it.
I'd recommend Diane Ravitch's 2003 book The Language Police for a depressing insight into where this nonsense can - and almost definitely will - lead: for example, The Old Man and the Sea falling foul of the censors on the grounds that young people who live inland would not be able to relate to it.

Britlurker said...


MONA Alert!

Brian Dowling mugged.