Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If They Really Wanted To Offend People, They Should Have Dressed As Real Scientists

It's outrageously outrageous!

No wonder they got in trouble. They clearly don't know what's expected of them at the UEA. They should have waited until they won one match then called themselves league champions, since if you extrapolate from that result across the whole season, they were clearly unbeatable.

Equally, if they did lose any games, they could just replace their results with those of the football team to hide the decline in performance. Then they could conspire with other teams to get anyone who beat them thrown out of the league, all that while claiming that league games are the only true test of skill.

If anyone questioned their claims, they could just say the sheet with the results had been accidentally thrown away, then delete any remaining copies.

Meanwhile, some of us are asking why we should trust folks at the UEA to predict the weather a hundred years from now when they can't even predict that a fancy dress party for student rugby players would turn out to a huge drunken blow-out?


North Northwester said...

“The UEA rugby club have been disbanded after six University of Gloucester players were condemned by a judge last year for performing sex acts on a bus as part of an initiation. Other passengers watched in horror as the six players carried out the vile acts during a night out.”

Obviously, the Gloucester lad should have gone to Bristol where the authorities are a lot more sensitive , don’t you think?

North Northwester said...

On sober reflection this morning, another solution to this awful rugby problem seems wiser.

I suggest a worldwide ban on rugby; first in Britain and Europe and later in the USA, accompanied by large publicly-funded payments to the countries that the European powers and other industrialized nations neglected in the century or so since they invented the game.
Perhaps a large percentage of Britain’s sporting entertainment should henceforth be provided by building many toboggan runs and skateboard parks throughout the English countryside within a very few years, with strict targets for reducing drunken singing and bad fancy dress by, say, 2025; accompanied by locally organized methods of rugby ball and gum-shield collections and providing for their safe disposal in huge, purpose-built sparkly pink princes palaces under the North Sea?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Top" University?

What, the University of Easy Acces?


Good grief.