Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Latest Scores From The Rainbow Nation Challenge Cup


Not jailed.

Apparently, the left's new slogan is 'Prison Works (Terms & Conditions Apply)'.

On the plus side, at least there wasn't a racial aspect to the Brixton shooting.
Supporters gathered outside the shop to jeer the emergency services. As paramedics fought to save her, one even asked a policeman why they were bothering as the victim was 'just a Paki'.
Dang! Guess we'll have to push back completion date for the Rainbow Utopia again. Doubtless, our Nation's Witch Finder General Trevor Philips will be along to speak out about this any time now....


JuliaM said...

I wonder how those in the criminal justice system sleep at nights?

Probably hanging upside-down from a branch!

Anonymous said...

The jails aren't as full as we thought, are they ?

Lord T said...

They are full, just with the wrong people.

Anything seen as a crime by the State off to jail.

Any real crimes. An ASBO will do if we think it is someone white.