Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Cameroonatics New Plan: More Dave!


Hey, the World's Smartest Man is baffled about what's happening in the world's lone superpower, and that's a good thing?

If nothing else, if Ayatollah Khameron was able to get within a country mile of figuring out the appeal of the Tea Parties, maybe his acolytes would come up with plans that were less stupid than this.

Never mind that Dave's Drones are possibly the people in Britain least qualified to lecture anyone about winning elections, how do you get from the Tories, for some unaccountable reason, being seen as a party of the rich, to the answer being more Dave?

Wasn't the whole point of Daveness that the Party was returning to its roots as a gentleman's party, purged of dumpy, lower middle class bigots?

Yes, indeed: the filthy proles were purged and charmers like this were parachuted into constituencies, yet it now turns out that shoe-horning the products of absurd privilege into safe seats has not exactly killed the idea that the Tory Party favours the rich.

OTOH, who exactly decided 'right-wing' was a synonym for rich anyway? It's more like the opposite. It's easy for people like Cameron to claim we all need to hug a hoodie - he'll never have to live next to one. Ditto, school choice: with £30 million in the bank The Dave's got no end of choice. It's the folks who live in crappy postcodes and can't afford to go anywhere else who are screwed. Und so weiter....

The Nu Tory Party hasn't just ignored issues like this, in many cases it's lined up with the left in denouncing anyone who mentions them as really huge bigots (and don't even mention the magic of 'Open Borders').

The Marie Antoinette Party sneers at real social problems and the people who mention them, yet somehow the public think they're out of touch? Are we sure it's Sarah Palin who's the moron?

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