Monday, October 04, 2010

Splattergate: First Parody Sighted

Fast work: I make it two days from the econuts going live with their murderous fantasies to the first parody emerging.

And no, Godwin doesn't apply where people really are laughing along about exterminating their opponents.

So, for those of you keeping score at home, that means some guys on the net have come up with a rebuttal video before our nation's Certified Conservatives have managed so much as a mild rebuttal of a mostly taxpayer funded body producing leftist snuff movies (guess that deficit isn't so bad after all).

Here's the definitive example of liberal tourettes and Cast Iron Dave's savvy political operators are all out of the office. Meanwhile, the base is having fun tearing the left apart. All of which is by way of saying, absent the snobbery, what exactly are Professional Conservatives contributing to the debate? If bar maids and janitors being taxed to indulge liberal Pol Pot fantasises doesn't strike any of these people as an outrage, in what sense are they conservative?

All the energy right now is with the grass roots - contra The Dave, it's not the conservative base that's the albatross round the neck of conservatism.


Don't be shocked, but it turns out the film makers were not crazed lone gunmen after all - EU Ref reminds us just how closely this all tracks with long-established Warmenist strategy.

Meanwhile, the inevitable connection made here (via Samizdata comments).

Oops - guess not on that last one.

Hey, nothing say sticking it to The Man like using fatuous legal manoeuvres to close down fair criticism.


JuliaM said...

" All of which is by way of saying, absent the snobbery, what exactly are Professional Conservatives contributing to the debate?"

Increasingly, I see the Caring Conservatives and the current Republican Party in the states totally out-manouvred by grass-roots movements.

Anonymous said...

List of e mail addresses of 10:10's "partners" pulled from their website. Suggest they all receive a message asking them to fuck right off.

TDK said...

I see you made it to Samizdata Quote of the Day, you Libertarian hero you!

Anonymous said...

Apart from the evil intent in the vid, there is plenty of useful propaganda too...

Scene One:

0:10 Who is bored and disinterested? He doesnt care. That would be a white boy.

0:14 White kid sitting next to non-white kid. More importantly its a white girl, with a non-white boy. Never too soon to start encouraging the right attitude.

0:24 A black boy is, of course, asking the intelligent question. And Miss talks about getting his dad to insulate the loft. His dad? Really? What are the chances his dad is still with mum?

0:37 A white girl is very gung ho for the project, but no white boy is.

0:46 Miss calls for a show of hands, who is going to do the right thing?

(As a bonus we get…

0:49 Black boy sitting with white girl.)

0:51 That show of hands, now we see who is bad. A white boy, the bored kid at 0:10 and a white girl (not as pretty as the one at 0:37). Note how the shot is framed to make them look alone and isolated. Ugh, who wants to sit with those losers! No friends for them and certainly not the Holy Grail - a black friend. Never mind the obvious negative connotations of their failure to go along with group think.

Scene Two:

1:29 White girl, we know she has some brilliant ideas! Again no white man has managed to come up with anything. How different the advance of science might have been had any white men ever shown an interest in it.

1:39 Who wants to get involved? Centre screen asian man, white girl. Thats a twofer, juxtaposition of mixed pair and they want to do the right thing.

1:46 Girl who isnt quite convinced, who seems less attractive that the brilliant girl at 1:29.

1:47 Two white men who arent convinced. They arent bright eyed and bushy tailed.

1:51 Blink and you’ll miss him, another white man who isnt convinced.

After that we are onto the celebs, obviously its the white ones who get to die, but the impact is gone by then. Just a bit of a joke. The important messages are in the first two scenes. Oh and some old bollocks about climate change as well.

Anonymous said...

I realise I despise the Americanisation of the word 'liberal' more than most, but "liberal Pol Pot fantasies"...? Come on. Pol Pot was as anti-liberty as is possible.

The word "socialist" is rather more pertinent.

Nick said...

Then they came for for your old newspapers. Next they came for your tinfoil. Then they came for your plastic.

But you didn't say anything because you're not a multinational corporation with oodles of cash to spare that nobody real cares about.