Thursday, June 10, 2010

Straight From The Horse's....

Steyn catches a liberal OD'ing on scopalamine:
So ethnic cleansing of Jews is a “liberal” position? Albeit an “anti-establishment” one? What’s interesting is that, after spending so many years huffily insisting they’re not anti-Semitic but merely “anti-Zionist”, the British left is now happy to put an explicit call for “the Jews” to be returned to the land of Auschwitz under the category of “criticism of Israel”
As ever, I say: if it's the right that's so extreme, how come it's always liberals who fantasise about murder and ethnic cleansing?


North Northwester said...

I think that any Torah-revering multiple Nobel Prize winning nation that made the desert bloom without its own vast oil reserves and hosting the only free press in the Middle East and which was surrounded by a billion people whose spiritual and political leadership call for their slaughter every day would be demonised by the humanitarian Left in a similar way.

So it can't be racism: it just can't.

Unknown said...

Your average progressive isn't against war per se, more against war waged for the wrong ideology. Consequently they don't see this as ethnic cleansing, more as extreme re-education.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Starnge to hear that someone thinks the jews should go back to Germany and Poland.

I think many more people believe they should all go back to Israel.

Hearing less than pro-jewish, pro-Israeli opinion on the matter is one thing but the reality is Thomas was cast into outer darkness the second she crossed those who cannot be named.

Fran said...

"the reality is Thomas was cast into outer darkness the second she crossed those who cannot be named."

The reality is Thomas made a vile anti-semitic comment and is now living with the consequences.