Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Paras Killed Stephen Lawrence

They said if I wasted a vote on UKIP, a military hating freak might get into No 10 and they were right!

Yes, indeed: an enquiry set up to appease leftist fanatics and grievance farmers, headed by a liberal judge and making up the rules as it went along has found that everything the Left ever said is right. Who'd have thunk it?

Besides, any enquiry that involves this guy is clearly well-founded.

The Good Doctor reminds us of the previous winner of 'Best in Show':
Perhaps the fact that the inquiry was open to the public had something to do with the nature of the resulting report. The public gallery regularly overflowed with activists and extremists, who did not hesitate to jeer and mock the witnesses with whom they disagreed; the head of the inquiry, Sir William Macpherson, rarely admonished these spectators, thus creating an officially sanctioned atmosphere of intimidation....

At the beginning of the report, Macpherson defended the unusually “adversarial” manner in which the inquiry was conducted. “Cross-examination of many officers was undoubtedly robust and searching,” he wrote. A few pages later, without noticing any contradiction, he mentioned that when one Mr. Gompertz, the counsel for the police, was questioning Mrs. Lawrence, “The nature and content of the questions made Mrs. Lawrence protest that her perception was that she was being put on trial. Wisely Mr. Gompertz desisted.” In short, only the accused could be questioned.
This is how the left rewrites history: they wait until all the sane people have died, got old or otherwise moved on with their lives, next they hire Judge Skippy to hold an enquiry to prove that everything they said is right, then they announce that the subject is closed and it's time to 'move on'.

Give it twenty years and Judge Euan Blair will be presiding over an enquiry into the Orgreave Massacre of striking miners by Thatcher's SS.

All of which shows how useless our nation's Certified Conservatives actually are. Every time the left announces one of these bogus enquiries, they fall for it hook line and sinker. They're like Charlie Brown trying to kick that ball, while Lucy the Leftist suddenly announces that solicitors for the nominated patsy will only be allowed to question witnesses through the medium of mime.

Still, in its own way, it's kind of reassuring that no matter how predictably awful the mass of career conservatives are, The Great Dave always manages to find new and exciting ways to be even worse. The only good thing you can say about Cameron's Jane Fonda act is that at least we're not engaged in any wars at the moment. Otherwise, throwing the Army under the bus would be the height of irresponsibility.

Hey, I guessing this means all this grovelling to the left wasn't just about The Electability after all. Prime Minister Dave turns out to be just like Candidate Dave, and his whole philosophy of government is of public office as the continuance of campaigning by other means.

But while we're on the subject, I'd like to follow Dave's example and apologise to the nation for the Tories electing this pillock as leader. True, I've never been a party member, don't know how the Party's organised and think 90% of the members are drones, but that doesn't mean I can't sincerely pay tribute to these fine upstanding citizens, aside from their role in helping to destroy our nation.

Of course, some may say I'm being a little harsh but, fortunately, as Chairman of the House of Dumb Inquiry Into Actual Conservatism, I rule their evidence 'inadmissible'.

More seriously though, this case is just another example of the toxic nature of Cameronism.

We're supposed to admire how Cameron's nifty theft of the left's talking points has neutralised the political effects of Saville's ranting, but consider the wider issues - aside from stabbing the troops in Helmand in the back.

Saville claimed that the troops - acting as agents of a democratically-elected government in support of local law enforcement - acted provocatively by entering an area that a bunch of thugs in balaclavas had decided should be a no go area for cops. Moral equivalence isn't even the half of it. Any public servant accepting the supposed right of lunatics to declare de facto independence from the rule of law would be bizarre, but a judge? And if it's provocative to insist that the law is enforced everywhere in the country, why can't the Paras opt from Saville's nasty witch hunt, held years after the fact?

It turns out that the medium is the message. Whether it's Macpherson announcing that the lack of any evidence of racism is itself proof of racism, Saville claiming that there's no reason to believe a terrorist with a tommy gun was up to no good, or any of the other bazillion atrocities against reason over the last few years, the common theme is the left's ability to force through its own narrative as the accepted version of events. The whole point of these freaky show trials is that even as they debase the justice system, they establish the left as the guys who own the mint.


Anonymous said...

remember this case.
"The widow of an innocent man shot dead by (london) police after they mistook a table leg he was clutching for a gun said today that she was "devastated" by the decision not to charge the two officers involved."

There you go, Police under no pressure what-so-ever can convince themselves that a man is carrying a gun and shoot him dead, and not even be charged.

Yet the Soldiers were expected to have the patience of saints while being attacked by rioters.
The Saville report even says that acid was being thrown at the Soldiers but the response was unjustified..

North Northwester said...

At least under the old witch-finding rules, if you drowned you were held to be innocent of witchcraft. Under this inquisitorial liberalism you'll be found guilty whatever you do or say.