Monday, June 28, 2010

Feminism 101

Julie points out another 'The Net Will Kill Us All' story. It's all good, but what really struck me was this bit:
After a moment of feminist outrage, Blair tweeted her reaction to last week's issue of More! magazine, which included an "inside men's minds" special. Blair's tweets were potentially defamatory and More! magazine could have demanded she delete them or risk the threat of a lawsuit. But they didn't. Instead, they retweeted her insults, cashing in on the free publicity.

Almost instantly, a tirade of indignant readers updated their status with vicious remarks…
So a femiloon slimes a magazine, non-insane people come to the magazine's defence, and this proves La Bigot is the real victim here. Huh?

Against that background it's hard to take seriously the authorette's whine that no one confronted her face to face after she slimed her colleagues. Does anyone seriously doubt that if they had, she'd have whined about The Harassment?


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North Northwester said...

DJ, the link's not working either in Firefox or Explorer too Julia's post.
And I read that one too. I think that this kind of martyr uses self-pity and have-you-stopped-beating-your wife-yet trap in part because HE blocks around the waist would ruin the line of her trouser suit.