Thursday, May 20, 2010

When Diversity Daleks ATTACK!

Julie & commentors have a bit of fun with fascist pillock Peter Lee, and made the obvious 'Death Camp of Tolerance' reference, but the insanity of demanding tolerance at gunpoint is just the tip of the minaret.

First up, there's what it says about our nation's schools. They're studying Islam so they need to play dress up and go to a Mosque? What will they do if they study World War I? Dig up the footy pitch and string barbed wire on the goal line?

Yes, I can see how that approach can have its upsides during Sex Ed, but don't ask what the dress code is for the compulsory trip to 'The Swinging Stallion'.

I can't help thinking something's missing here. To paraphrase what Laurence Olivier said to Dustin Hoffman after he found out Dustin had stayed awake for three nights to prepare for a scene in Marathon Man: 'why not try teaching, dear boy'?

Oops. Guess we've got the answer to that one. A parent tried to exercise her legal right to withdraw her child from religious indoctrination, and his response is write a ranty letter with the CAPS LOCK key jammed on. This is what passes for reasoned argument in schools these days?


All of which leads to another pile of hot, steaming humbug. Right now, Lee and his fellow headcases headteachers are whining and yammering about SATS. Apparently, carrying out objective tests to determine just what we're getting for all this money wastes too much teaching time... but I guess there's always time for Islamogrovelling? How about if we held the tests at a Mosque?

Then there's the other charge against SATS: they force teachers to 'teach to the tests' instead of being able to encourage da yoof to think for themselves - you know, just like the way this prat encourages pupils to think for themselves by trying to lawlessly bully them into attending indoctrination sessions with the Mad Mullah of Merseyside. Hmmmmm..... anyone think he'll be encouraging the kids to ask if it *really* goes dark at night because the Sun disappears into a muddy pool at the edge of the world? Or is it more likely that pointing out that black dogs aren't actually possessed by demons would provoke another ranty fit from the Marxist twerp?

Then again, I'd bet good money that he's never heard those particular bits of Islamic wisdom. See, here's the thing: even if the people he tried to slime really were everything he says, fascists, Nazis, bigots, they'd still be showing more, genuine, respect for Islam than liberal freaks ever do. At least these people recognise Islam as a wholly alien ideology, with its own unique set of values. Marxoid berks treat Muslims as though they were just Guardian readers with a tendency towards colourful rhetoric. It's leftists that are too small-minded to see the world as anything other than their own goofy obsessions writ large.

This is why liberal tolerance is a fraud - it's always predicated on the idea that their victims d'jour are liberals like them, but with a wacky dress sense. When the ungrateful wogs make a break off the reservation - see 'Sikhs' for further details - liberals sound like Nick Griffin's more bigoted brother. Meanwhile, I'm willing to bet that hell will freeze over before Captain Tolerance invites any actual conservatives in to talk to da kids.


JuliaM said...

"Then again, I'd bet good money that he's never heard those particular bits of Islamic wisdom."

Well, of course not. He won't have done any actual research into the subject himself.

Like most teachers these days, all wisdom comes in ringbinders straight from the DoE.

He's ensuring that his pupils never think for themselves because, by god, if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for them too... ;)

North Northwester said...

I remember that post, but the link doesn't work so others are going to miss out.
I’m pretty sure it’s this

DJ said...

Right you are! The link is fixed.

bruised said...

Exactly. No one seems to have noticed that Conrad's 'H. of D.' Kurtz began as a liberal.