Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Unique Moment In Our National Life

It's easy to be cynical right now, but let's not forget what an opportunity we have here. We have the chance to go into work tomorrow late and a physical wreck and still claim the moral high ground.

Yes, indeed. Some of us are aiming to get so caught up in the drama of it all, we feel it's our civic duty to stay up and watch the results come in from Fulchester South at 6 AM. If that unfortunately means we spend the whole of Friday with what appears to be a massive hangover, then that is just the price of democracy, and holding elections on the same day as Wetherspoons Curry Night. It's our democratic right, so stand tall, stand proud and don't forget the breath mints.

Besides, with Lord Snooty on course for a 55 seat majority, we'll all need a drink, so you're just being pro-active.


JuliaM said...

Luckily, I booked a day's holiday the second the Gorgon made the expected announcement!

Ross said...

Boss: OK you are hungover, but staying up to watch the election results demonstrates your civic mindedness.

Me: Thank you.

Boss: So what do you think of the result.

Me: Er, who won?

Rob said...

And if you work for the BBC, getting legless on Champagne and leaving the empty bottles strewn around Broadcasting House is perfectly acceptable, but only if Labour win.