Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Judge: Hey, Let's Not Bicker And Argue About Who Killed Who

While the vitally important 'Bloody Sunday' enquiry has now reached the £400 million mark and liberal judges invent ever more absurd rights for terrorists, it turns out that there are limits to this whole 'justice' thing after all. And you'll never guess where...

Or possibly not.

So, for those of you keeping score at home, allowing the state to deport foreign terrorists will bring on the dark night of fascism, but allowing the state to kidnap kids on bogus grounds? Like you've never made a mistake, Mr Perfectey-Conservative.

Incidentally, for those of you tempted to give the judge the benefit of the doubt as a guy making the best of a sticky situation, check out his actual comments:
He said: 'Mr and Mrs Webster believe that they have suffered a miscarriage of justice. They may be right. A family which might well have been capable of being held together, has been split up.
May have been capable of being held together? It was social workers who destroyed the family. This is like claiming that the Titanic may have been capable of surviving, if only it wasn't for the iceberg.
From their perspective, [the parents] have been wrongly accused of physically abusing one of their children, and three of their children have been removed wrongly and permanently from their care.
Yes, it's all a matter of perspective. One man's child abuser is another man's not child abuser. It's all so confusing! After all, who is he to judge?

Meanwhile, I am quite sure that from m'lud's perspective he is in no way a liberal moron who has so thoroughly over indulged on culturally Marxist post-modern drivel that he is incapable of comprehending the basic principles of law, let alone basic justice.

Ditto, what of the social workers? No matter how much Po-Mo drivel you wrap it up in, they were responsible for the abduction of three kids. How about we switch some of the money from appeasing Findus O'Letterbomb over to jailing these low-lifes?

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