Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How About We Import Some Decent Politicians?

Ross wonders how conservatives can support the wildcat strikers now after having condemnded Scargill back in the 1980s. My answer would be that Scargill wanted to overturn the results of an election, while the wildcaters are opposing something that was never put to the public in the first place.

When did we have this vote on globalisation, open borders and the whole rest of the tranzi agenda?

I'm sure there are all kinds of cute economic explanations why open borders make everyone richer. Well we've just had a decade full of people with supa-smart theories on how to make money by disregarding all previous norms of business. In the post-crash world common sense is the new black, and there's something just plain wrong with allowing pirate multinationals to leech off our country. As it happens, I think it's technically wrong to say they don't employ British workers - they employ plenty: the workers who build their roads to get to their facilities, the medics who deal with their injured personnel, the police officers who protect the facilities.... nope, they don't mind British workers, they just don't like paying for them. The British taxpayers is effectively subsidising foreign companies, employing foreign workers, which just happen to have a British postcode.

Yes, I'm aware these companies, and workers, will pay some tax. I'm also willing to bet it'll be a lot less than British workers would pay, and that's without factoring in that British workers would spend most of their money in Britain, or the associated welfare costs of keeping the natives on the dole.

Like I said, maybe there's some brilliant reason why allowing multinationals to replace British workers with foreign mercenaries makes perfect sense, but that case has never been made. Instead, we've been stuck with a political class that offers us a choice of a slightly left-of-centre tranzi party or a slightly right-of-centre tranzi party. Millions of voters have been effectively disenfranchised by a political class that refuses to discuss one of the central issues of the age. Apparently, discussing actual issues really is a job the British just won't do.

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