Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"Dr Mandleson Will See You Now"

One thing that really hacks me off is people comparing Mandleson's 'Go To Europe' rant to Tebbit's 'Get On Your Bike' speech. Tebbit was a guy who really had pulled himself up by his bootstraps, talking about his own family's experience. When have any of the repulsive Mandleson clan had to fight for anything? Aside from restaurant reservations, anyway.

The big thing though is what JulieM points out: what part of socialism is it that attempts to justify poverty by citing the fact other people are doing fine? OK, that line of thought may actually mark a real improvement if adopted generally by the left, but here it's just plain weird. Doesn't that kind of kill any leftist criticism of the Thatcher Years? Hey, providing you had money, the 1980s were a true Golden Age. What's the difference exactly?

Still, at least Mandelseon chose to deploy his talents in politics. Can you imagine if he brought the same world view into other fields? Can you imagine him as your GP?
Oh sure, you've got it tough, Mr Whiny 'I've got a brain tumour', but what about Mr Jones at the bottom of your road? He's in perfect health, so stop being so self-obsessed.
Yep, this is where British socialism is at: justifying poverty by citing the example of rich people. It makes you feel nostalgic for Nye Bevan.

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