Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Support Our Murderous Troops

Couple of interesting posts pointed out at Conservative Grapevine. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Jonah Goldberg, but he makes an important point here.

I have never witnessed anyone who said that we need to get beyond ideology actually abandon his own position for the sake of unity.

For example, Al Gore constantly says the time for debating global warming is over and the time for unified action is now. But he says that because he wants the other side to stop being such a pain in his neck by disagreeing with him. Gore critics and fans alike can agree that he would be an idiot and an intellectual coward if, valuing unity over substance, he switched sides.
Well, exactly. Endlessly splitting the difference between the collectivist Left and the individualist Right is not a sign of sophistication, it’s a sign of immaturity. Just how much simpler do you need it ?

Ditto, Thomas Sowell in bang on here. If anything, coverage in Britain is worse. Liberals can detect almost infinite nuance in Islamopathic rantings, but they’re sure the Army is savages all the way. That’s why we end up with cases like this.

Well, OK, that does mark some kind of improvement. After all, they did get one result this time, but a single conviction for a minor act of brutality doesn’t really cut it when you’ve indicting seemingly everyone in the Army for involvement in an unlawful killing.

In contrast, Libs were horrified – horrified! – when Mr Plod stopped by for a chat with the Forest Gate Kittens. We need a scorecard to keep up here. Searching an address used by armed Islamic fundamentalists ? Harbinger of the Fourth Reich. A 10 mile tailback of war crimes witch hunts that collapse as soon as they go to trial ? Democracy in action!

Not that I’m necessarily complaining. This is as close as we’ll get to the Left telling us who they really are. Forget all the rhetoric, here is the Liberal worldview in living colour. They're not really opposed to Guantanamo Bay, they just think it should be used to jail British soldiers instead.

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