Monday, March 12, 2007

Earth Still Cool, Libs Bursting Into Flame

Just seen 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'. First thought: how the hell did this get made ? Well, OK, this may have been a factor. Is there anything she can't do ? Still, what a program, and from Britain's most Left-wing channel as well. Funny how a nasty old commercial channel like C4 can produce this stuff, while our public service broadcaster's reporting remains firmly mired in duckspeak, as even some of its own people admit.

Second thought: in so far as Libs charge any unapologetic right-winger with creating a 'hostile environment', I think we're free to speculate on whether there's a connection between a front-bencher for a supposedly respectable party demanding media outlets silence critics of anthropogenic global warming, and other Liberals exploring more direct forms of censorship.

Final thought: Well of course the tide is turning (and not rising). Look who's leapt aboard the bandwagon. Truly, he is the disco vicar of politics.

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