Monday, March 05, 2007

More-Than-One Global Warming

This has been out there for a while, but you can’t point it out too often. Clearly, the Americans must have a base on Mars already. Well, either that or the ecoloons have been making it up all these years. But wait…check out this report.

OK, so as conspiracy theories go, it’s pretty funny – and the first comment is brilliant - but let’s consider the implications further. The suggestion that contrails prevent sunlight reaching the surface would tend to neatly decapitate the argument for taxing flights. Hey, taking the ecoloons own arguments to their logical conclusion, Mr Broon should be subsidising trips to Spain. But there’s something more.

Here we have a group of scientists admitting that there was a whole extra factor influencing the climate that they had no idea about right up until an unprecedented occurrence in 2001. Just how many other X factors are there out there ? And shouldn’t we find out before we destroy the economy based on theoretical models we keep finding holes in ?

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