Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Gary Lineker: The Git That Keeps On Grifting

If I understand his public pronouncements correctly, Gary Lineker believes that going to the shops is just like being on the Western Front, with the ever-present possibility of an invisible killer leaving you dying in agony with 'froth-corrupted lungs'.

Oh... and also he forgot his protective mask. 


These two things can't both be true. If he really believed there was the possibility of agonising death in every lungful of air, wouldn't he make sure to keep as well protected as possible? 

But that just leads on to the bigger question. Lineker has been a High Priest of the Covid Cult from day one, ever ready to denounce the heretics who refuse to wear their Boris Burka. Now it turns out even he doesn't obey his own fatwas. And? 

Ah yes, that's the key point right there. The Covid Cultists have suddenly taken time out from blood-curling denunciations of the unbelievers to tell us that, hey, c'mon, it's no biggee. Just one of them things. Don't be such a drag, you guys!

You? You deserve to be burned at the stake if you question whether or not a face nappy can really keep out a virus, but members of the Church of the Covid? They're obviously on the side of the righteous even if they don't, strictly speaking, follow their own demented rules. 

That's the issue right there. It's always been the real issue. Just like with the Referendum what it's all about is establishing two grades of citizenship. There's us scum, and then there's the special people, whose lives are too sophisticated and complex for them to be expected to comply with their own rules. Face it, they're just better than us....

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JuliaM said...

Oh, come on! He was in M&S. it’s not like he was somewhere germy like Asda....