Monday, March 09, 2020

The Economist Discovers Economics

Very Smart Person magazine The Economist wonders if there may be some kind of mysterious connection between supply and demand.
Like Ace points out, in so far as these people are always warning about imminent disasters that never actually arrive, they're basically indistinguishable from a loony cult. In fact, the resemblance goes a lot deeper than that. Listen to these guys and it turns out that people who reject the Sacred Texts of Open Borders in favour of relying on their lying eyes aren't just stupid, they're positively evil. Evily evil bigots conspiring to rob humanity of the new golden age that will come about when everyone accepts globalisation into their lives....

... And that's how some of the worst people in the world managed to convince themselves they were the good guys. It goes all the way from supposed socialists who object to paying a living wage to their kid's nanny all the way to free marketers who want the taxpayer to top up the wages of Megacorp's imported labour. Supporting open borders is the perfect combination of class signifier and naked self-interest.

That's what I keep saying. Just like with Brexit and all the rest, this is not just a clash between specific political doctrines, it's about who the country is actually run for: the snoot class or actual normal people.

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