Sunday, March 15, 2020

Random Thoughts On TEOTWAWKI

  • Apparently the MSM has already gone into some kind of very specific lockdown where they question everything about the government's strategy of trying to spread out the number of cases... except how that's compatible with open borders. That bit makes perfect sense to them
  • Right now, an Italian can drive over to Calais, get on the Eurostar and come to the UK, and the only problem he will have is if he goes too fast on the motorway. So it looks like we'll have border security once the government works out how to issue tickets to viruses
  • Notice how everyone is looking to the greedy capitalist pig dogs in the biotech industry to fix this, and no one expects anything at all from our bloated academic sector
  • On the other hand, libertarianism isn't looking too good either right about now. These people have spent years sneering at the peasants who won't accept free trade uber alles as  the way of the future, now - in a development no one could possibly have foreseen - it turns out that having your own industrial base is quite a good thing after all. 
  • Hey, is it just me or have the BDS crowd suddenly gone quiet too? They wouldn't stoop as low as to accept an Israeli vaccine right? 
  • Surely even some members of the left must be having a Mitchell and Webb moment right about now?  Yes, it's true: if you're celebrating the prospect of mass slaughter because you think it will help your party into government, you are the bad guys.
  • Things would  probably go a lot better if only someone could come up with a better phrase than 'herd immunity'
  • For all the people sneering that the right suddenly wants to listen to experts that's for one very simple reason: we're talking about people with an actual track record of verifiable accuracy, rather than leftist experts, who are almost always members of the chattering class dealing in vague generalisations, pseudo-science and tautological appeals to authority
  • If the left could discover vaccines they way they can find racism, the epidemic would be over.  Right now, they're claiming it's racist to call the virus from Wuhan 'Wuhan virus' or remind anyone it's from China. The MSM has picked this up and run with it, meaning that the same people who keep claiming to be shocked - shocked - that fewer and fewer people trust them are also explaining why reporting actual facts is bad
  • In so far as the left, and the MSM, are taking talking points from the Chinese government, can we at least have a break from the left's whole 'Hitler had a dog, Boris has a dog, therefore Boris is Hitler' line of reasoning...  No, probably not: for reasons.                                                                                               

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Ed P said...

Allegedly this virus is more infectious for Asians, because they have a larger number of ACE2 cell receptors in their lung tissues.
If only the virus-designers could make one that's lethal to leftists - I'm so tired of hearing the same whining crap they project (like vomit).
As the various forms of socialism killed >100 million in C20, an anti-socialist killer virus would redress the balance somewhat.