Thursday, July 04, 2019

She Took One For The Team

At last our long nightmare is approaching its end! With the Wimminz Whirled Cup drawing to a close we will finally be free of cuck journalists raiding the thesaurus for new ways to say that its the bestest sporting event evah!

Curiously enough though, neither the feminazis themselves  nor their beta male enablers seem to show much interest in events at dear old 'Kick It Out', the alleged anti-racism group that's successfully scored huge, great lumps of other people's cash.

Even Geordie Greg's new PC Daily Mail can't hide the fact that it's not exactly a minor problem they've got:
Sportsmail understands the QC-led review will publish its report on the troubled organisation next month after investigating its failure to report the alleged sexual assault of a female former employee by someone from outside the body to both the trustees and the Charity Commission.
So, for those of you keeping score at home, suggesting that the average female footballer makes Long John Silver look like Usain Bolt? Outrageously outrageous! Concealing a rape? Not so much.

Say, I wonder what it is about the hard left race hustling group that makes feminazis and the MSM so reluctant to pile on?

They might claim to support wimminz football, but it's clear that their favorite game is still victimhood poker.

And that's before we get to the rest of it.
But what has been described as an 'intemperate email' from Ouseley, after trustees challenged the then 73-year-old chair of Kick It Out over his failure to report the alleged attack on a staff member at an external training day, is expected to be central to the independent review....

And despite the fact that three of the trustees are black, he suggested his exclusion from some of the conversations concerning how they should then deal with what amounted to a failure to follow Charity Commission regulations was a throwback to the days of colonialism.

In the email, that was sent to all the trustees as well as other senior figures, Ouseley stunned its recipients by telling them that 'divide and rule was the shameful trait of slave owners and the colonial masters of the British Empire'.
 Hey, at least some one's still getting some value out of Diane Abbot's speeches!

Personally, I'm just shocked - shocked - to find a prominent anti-racism campaigner is, in fact, a racist nutcase pushing unhinged anti-white conspiracy theories.

Given the hiring practices which organisations like Kick It Out are justifiably famous for, I'm guessing it was a black woman who was the victim and - given that if it was a white attacker you be hearing about this 24/7 - a black assailant. All of which means I'd pay good money to see this weasel explain why it's actually all whitey's fault - except that would require some MSM drone to actually ask a race hustler an awkward question so....

I don't recommend holding your breath.

All of which raises the real issue: 'Kick It Out' aren't some random group of nutters meeting in the back room of a pub. They've gobbled up huge sums of other people's money precisely because the MSM has presented them as a respectable campaigning organization.  Now it turns out that it's the bastard child of Camila Batmanghelidjh and Robert Mugabe.

Hey, how come none of our nation's savvy, smarter than you, professional journaljismers noticed that this group was led by a ranting, racist nutcase? Did they not notice, or they just decide that the public had no right to know their money was being spent supporting a crazy hate group?

Either way, why would anyone trust the MSM again?

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Rob said...

These charity ‘safeguarding’ groups are outstanding. As at Oxfam, they never report rapes and sexual assaults to the police, thus safeguarding their organisation’s reputation. That’s what they are there for. Only mugs and journalists believe the “protecting women” balls.