Sunday, February 17, 2019

ISIS Members To UK Gov: 'And We Thought We Were The Crazy Cult'

The MSM is still trying to convince us that the country's split on the question of whether or not to allow jihadist nut case Shamima Begum back in to the UK.

Seriously? What definition of 'split' are we using here? Are there any normal people buying this? Are there any people out there who might, say, ever vote conservative who are in favour of letting this nut back in?

So where are the Certified Mega Brains in the Tory Party anyway? They keep assuring us that they're totes conservative, you guys, it's just they keep having to push leftist policies for reasons of electability. Well, here's the electoral equivalent of a £1,000 note lying on the ground and they're nowhere to be seen.

The Tories could add 10% overnight just by telling this witch to shove it. Hey, even if they have to change the law... especially if they have to change the law. Do you think it might be interesting to get Islington Jesus on record re: the Screw You And Stay There Act (2019)? As far as Labour's base goes, this isn't a 'wedge' issue, it's a 'chainsaw with titanium teeth' issue. It would expose perfectly how the 'Party of the Working Man' has been hijacked by a deranged alliance between degenerate metropolitan snoots and Jihadists.

But no: Labour's off the hook. It turns out that the reason why the Tories so often sound like liberals is that..... they're liberals. Take away the odd quibble about tax rates and regulations on business and they're otherwise fully signed up to the Church of the Left, and most of all, its most sacred creed, the Gospel of the Open Borders.

It's one for the philosophers alright: jihadists want to blow people up, the Tories want to let them. Who exactly are the crazed fanatics here?

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