Monday, May 28, 2018

Princess Leia > Princess MeAgain

It's not all bad news! At least now we have an actual SJW Princess no one can deny the true nature of Social Justice Warriors. She's a princess, but then they're *all* princesses. They're pampered brats sneering at the lower orders for their crude ways. Back in the day, these people sneered at folks who didn't know what knife to use, now they sneer at people who don't know the correct term for a transsexual sex worker from Bangkok. Either way, it's all about the supposedly enlightened, and definitely privileged, mocking the unenlightened masses.

As Aussie writer Tim Blair said about Michale Moore, they're not standing up for the little guy, they're standing up *to* the little guy.

 For further evidence, consider that Social Justice Warriors have now decided to throw their hand in with the perfect example of a Bad Corporation. Hey, has anyone noticed that the US extends copyright law every time Mickey Mouse gets close to going out of copyright? Better question: has anyone not noticed? It turns out that having Congress acting as a fluffer for a big corporation is exactly what 'sticking it to the man' means.

 Unfortunately, back in Realville, it turns out that calling everyone in the world 'Nazis' turns out to be no way to get them through the door. Apparently, people who go to 'Star Wars' movies want to see a 'Star Wars' movie not an SJW nightmare where familiar characters wander in just long enough to hand off the story to empowered super girrls.


JuliaM said...

I had high hopes for 'Solo'. But looking at the critical reception (they loved it) I think that's all the warning I need to wait for the DVD....

FrankC said...

"wait for the DVD" and then not buy it.