Monday, December 11, 2017

Govt Minister Tests Positive For Banned Substance

Namely, testosterone.

Needless to say, the Usual Suspects have taken it calmly and rationally: 
But his comments have sparked a row after the former director of public prosecutions Lord MacDonald branded the remarks 'juvenile'.
Uh oh...I understand that if Gavin Williams doesn't withdraw his comments, His Lordship might escalate to calling him 'dreadfully suburban' or 'frightfully common'.

But it's not just lords calling out this guy. Nope, there's also a ladyship too. That's what counts as egalitarian in the modern Labour Party: nobles of both sexes (I guess we'll have to wait to hear from the other 72 genders).

Apparently, these comments are outrageously outrageous but the only people the MSM can find to denounce them have never been elected dog catcher. Meanwhile, people with the need for actual votes are strangely unavailable for comment.

That's why this is important. Obviously, a policy of killing the fox before it gets in the hen house is the right thing to do, and also a certain vote winner, but it also exposes the central myth of cuckservatism. We're told that professional conservatives have to pander to freaks like Shameless Shami for the sake of electability but when a conservative finally tells these people to shove it, Labour MPs suddenly remember they've left the gas on at home. The extreme position turns out to be the one that no one who wants to be elected will argue against.

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