Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Only Rule Liberals Ever Recognise Is 'Who? Whom?'

Julia brings us up to the speed on the left's ongoing search for Baby Seals.

Disappointingly, it appears that St Edson, the martyr of Newham, had a number of packages in his throat when he died, and not in an Elton John kind of way (no doubt, the Guardian is planning to print a retraction any time now).

Still, as one door closes, another fire door opens and noted pyrotechnic expert David Lammy is going through Grenfell Towers conspiracy theories like Henry VIII went through wives.

Or maybe that was his successor, Henry VII?

Who knows? Not Dave, that's for sure! But you should totally trust him when he talks about burning times, flashover points and other things he saw on CSI Miami. 

Still, that leaves open the wider point: Dave's meta conspiracy theory, his Protocols of the Learned Elders of the Tory Party, as it were, is that the Government is lying about the death toll to prevent a riot.

Never mind the absurdity of the charge, just think about the humbuggery of it. The left just got through claiming that you're not allowed to say our border security does a worse job than David Lammy's history teacher, otherwise you might make someone run over Muslims a year later, but now they're claiming to be outrageously outraged that the Government is supposedly withholding information to try and avoid a riot.

Hey, there's nothing theoretical about mob violence around Grenfell, but the same people who create Kennedy Assassination theories to explain why Nigel Farage should never be allowed to speak in public again are suddenly reborn as flinty crusaders for the public's right to know, and damn the torpedoes!

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JuliaM said...

His flailing about trying to deny he suggested what we all heard him suggest on national TV would be amusing, if it weren't for the fact that he's a Member of Parliament, and not some ragged-trousered lunatic bellowing at indifferent crowds at Speaker's Corner...