Monday, February 27, 2012

What Was It About The Hoplophobic, Race Hustling Fantasist That First Attracted Labour?

Like I keep saying, if liberals are the smartest people in the room, how come they keep falling for obvious hoaxes?

Didn't the idea of a British city with a death toll of Saving Private Ryan proportions strike anyone as a little odd?

Apparently not, in fact, rumour has it they only started to get suspicious when she claimed a ninth family member had been gunned down by Elvis with David Beckham driving the getaway car.

Other than that, there was no reason to suspect anything:
However, documentary makers have discovered that most of the people she had said were dead are still alive.

Gordon has even been seen chatting to some of them on Facebook.
Maybe they got better?

Actually, I think we dodged a bullet there: at least she didn't blame it all on our Eurocentric concepts of 'life' and 'death' and demand a huge grant to serve the needs of the Undead Community.

Mind you, in other respects she's perfectly well qualified to be a member of the Labour party:
However she later emailed the corporations to say: 'I have lost three family members and five very close friends who I consider as family. I realise I may have used words which could be seen as misleading and I do regret this.'

She'll go far.


JuliaM said...

"...a member of the Bristol West Labour Party..."

Isn't that the same branch as electoral fraudster and complete fruitcake Kerry McCarthy?

What are they putting in the water in Bristol?

Mr Grumpy said...

I seem to see the River Avon foaming with much blood.

Rob said...

Fake but true