Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Tories' Joe Kennedy Moment

Joe Kennedy always claimed he'd avoided the crash of 1929 by getting out of the market as soon as he noticed that even shoe shine boys were talking about hot shares. His logic was that as soon as everyone started piling into the market, shares prices would cease to reflect real underlying values and instead they'd bubble up right until the inevitable correction.

In the same spirit, I think I see the beginning of the end for the Dave Bubble, right here.


concentric said...

She used to be Labour, she used to be male as well but she always stays the same in her support for Tony Blair. She runs the Blue Blairite website.

Well I suppose it helped her make the switch in part due to The Dave's firm support of her favorite protest organization the Socialist Workers Party front group the UAF. She goes to all their protests as can be seen in many photos throughout the interweb. Those "fash" better watch-out or she'll hit them with "her" purse.

A jumping the shark moment if ever there was one.

Hold on I was about to type the word Verification in and the word given is "comisis". How appropriate.

Rob said...

She could be the next Willie Whitelaw.