Thursday, February 26, 2004

If It Quacks Like A Duck...

Liberals went predictably ape when they learned the name of St Ann's latest book. Surely, they whined, you couldn't accuse them of aiding and abetting traitors ? Well, judge for yourself:

A GCHQ translator sacked for revealing a secret e-mail has been cleared of a charge under the Official Secrets Act.

Katharine Gun, 29, from Cheltenham, claimed the e-mail was from US spies asking British officers to tap phones of nations voting on war against Iraq.

She walked free on Wednesday when the prosecution offered no evidence.

So the treasonous slag reveals classified information in the run-up to war and not only does she get away with it, she becomes a Liberal pin-up. But don't you dare say they hate Britain.

Mrs Gun had always said she had acted in an effort to prevent the war, and outside court said: "I have no regrets and I would do it again."

William Joyce probably had his reasons too, but unfortunatly he was working for a different mustachioed mass murderer.

The leaking of the e-mail to the Observer newspaper generated a row and saw Mrs Gun's case become a cause celebre in the US, with civil rights activist Jesse Jackson and actor Sean Penn lending their support.

Gosh, the Beeb fails to inform us that the Ugly Sisters were fellow Saddamites. Perhaps it slipped their mind ?

Human rights group Liberty, which supported Mrs Gun throughout her trial, said it was possible the prosecution's decision followed political intervention.

Liberty are speaking up for the fundamental human right to leak classified information to try and protect foreign tyrants. To judge by their classification as a 'human rights group', we're lucky the Beeb doesn't describe Al-Quadia as a 'middle eastern pressure group'.

There has been speculation the government was worried about the disclosure of secret documents during the trial, particularly the advice by Attorney General Lord Goldsmith about the legality of war.

Under the Official Secrets Act, the attorney general has the final decision on whether or not to prosecute.

But the attorney general's office told the BBC the decision to drop the charge had nothing to do with Lord Goldsmith's advice

It probably came about as a result of the government realising that should the jury actually take Nu Labour's culturally Marxist, Hate Britannia garbage at face value they'd be bound to acquit. Besides, the Saddam-coddling slag said she had no regrets and that's all the justification you need in our Oprahfied culture.

Mrs Gun's legal team served documents on the government on Tuesday demanding to see any advice given to ministers about the legality of the war.

The hypothesis that the law allows scumbag lawyers to go on irrelevant fishing expeditions to try and smear prosecution witnesses is hereby proven.

But BBC political correspondent Guto Harri said a government spokesperson insisted the decision to drop the case was taken before the demand for documents was made.

The same spokesperson suggested the case might have been dropped as Mrs Gun planned to argue she leaked the e-mail to save lives from being lost in a war, something that could persuade a jury and would lead to the reputation of the Official Secrets Act being damaged.

It says a ot about the U-bend down which our culture has gone that it's the defence lawyer that wants to argue she was trying to keep a homicidal dictator in power.

Our correspondent said this suggested the government had made a political calculation that a random selection of a dozen jurors would be likely to be so instinctively anti-war than an acquittal would be likely.

And whose fault is it that we can't find twelve people who'll recognise a traitor even when she's boasting about it on the court steps ?

Mrs Gun, who was sacked from GCHQ in June and charged on 13 November, thanked her family and friends for helping her through the case.

She told a news conference: "Obviously I'm not prone to leak secrets left, right and centre... but this needed to get out, the public deserved to know what was going on at the time.

The law's for the little people. No doubt she wouldn't mind if some patriot decided that traitors deserve to get their faces carved up with a stanley knife - just as long as he has 'no regrets'.

"I was pretty horrified and I felt that the British intelligence services were being asked to do something that would undermine the whole UN democratic processes."

UN democratic processes ? Like with all those well-known democracies like China, Syria and Pakistan on board ? The traitor doesn't need facts, she's got her feeeeeeeeeelings.

Mrs Gun revealed she was strongly anti-war but said she had not been looking for a piece of information to leak and embarrass the government.

"I'm just baffled in the 21st century we as human beings are still dropping bombs on each other as a means to resolve issues."

But crashing jets into office blocks is cool with her. She probably has the coverage from Sep 11 on a video so she can enjoy it again and again.

The memo, from January last year, reportedly said the National Security Agency had begun a "surge" in eavesdropping on UN Security Council countries crucial to the vote on a second resolution for action in Iraq.

Officials from Angola, Cameroon, Chile, Bulgaria, Guinea and Pakistan all had their phones tapped in what the Observer described as a "dirty tricks" operation.

Our foreign intelligence services spy on foreign government operatives in a foreign land ? How low have we sunk ? Churchill would certainly never stoop to reading someone else's communications.

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said managers within the intelligence service might now be thinking about talking to members of staff about their concerns to prevent future whistleblowing.

Shami Chakrabarti, of Liberty, said the decision to charge Mrs Gun in the first place had been political.

"One wonders whether disclosure in this criminal trial might have been a little too embarrassing," she said.

Yes, Shami, but you wonder why it gets dark towards the end of the afternoon, so it's not like you're a good guide to what anyone from outside Moonbat Central thinks about anything.

The Liberal Democrats' foreign affairs spokesman Sir Menzies Campbell said: "It is possible the attorney general's legal advice might have been published at last. This is a government retreat.''

Trust the Lib Dems to sacrifice national security for crass grandstanding. Truly, they are the party of jevenile dementia.

Former spy David Shayler, jailed for revealing secrets, said a blanket of secrecy was used to protect intelligence matters that did not affect national security.

"If the intelligence services are going to do things that are illegal they have to expect people to whistleblow."

Yes, it's illegal for a British intelligence body to carry out operations targeted against foreigners in a foreign land. Also, you can drive through a built-up area at 60 mph providing you're wearing a milk man's hat. No wonder Fat Boy got sent down considering what an utter train wreck his knowledge of the law is. Never mind the question of what possible public interest there is in someone revealing that British intelligence targets foreign governments. Really ? You mean it isn't focused on Snowdonian hill farmers ?

This whole case has shone a laser-like light on the modern left. We are engaged in a war with people who want to destroy Western Civilisaton, and Liberal's idea of rising to the occassion is making heros out of anyone who pitches in to help the other side. This traitor's excuses are garbage: she helped Saddam to save lives and protect UN democracy (which is apparently the type of democracy which doesn't need actual democracies). To paraphrase the Instaman, she's not anti-war, she's just on the other side - and so are her fellow travellers.

Ann Coulter was too kind.

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