Sunday, February 01, 2004

BBC Meltdown Continues

Tim Blair points out this article in the Absurder:

Some of the BBC's biggest names are considering quitting in protest at the attitude of its acting chairman and the greatest-ever threat to their journalistic independence.

Leading figures including Joan Bakewell, Ben Brown, Gavin Esler, Jonathan Ross, John Simpson and Jeremy Vine were among 10,000 BBC employees who backed a newspaper advert yesterday, expressing 'dismay' at the loss of Dyke and vowing their commitment to a 'fearless search for truth'.

They'll search for the truth alright, it's the actual capturing of it that they have trouble with: Scott reports one particular bit of truth that seems to have slipped under their radar.

Still, unless we let Auntie run riot, a shedload of overpaid bums will take their hand out of our collective wallet.'s a toughey, but I think, maybe, we should fight it out.

But....wait, there's more. Biased BBC reports this moment in unbiased journalism:

On the morning thing, they had David Attenborough, they showed 2 minutes of one of his excellent nature shows and then cut back to the sofa. "Will we ever see programmes like that again?" asked Bill Turnbull.

No, of course not. Now they've had to give up libel the Beeb's on a downhill slope. Give it twelve months and it'll be wall-to-wall sex, guns and cars...just like the Discovery Channel.

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