Sunday, January 07, 2018

The Difference Between Barnes Wallis And Disney

When Barnes Wallis made a bomb, at least it bounced. Disney: not so much. 

Yes, $464 million is serious money - although that's the gross and it has to be compared to the $4.2 billion they paid for the rights in the first place - but under performance of $187 million is a lot to pay for virtue signalling. Assuming a similar percentage drop off in DVD sales and merchandising, it looks like Disney have just paid a self-inflicted SJW tax of $200 million, or enough to make a whole other movie.

All of which is by way of saying that when the Smart Set tell us that 'people' are too sophisticated to want the supposedly simplistic narratives of the original Star Wars trilogy, they actually mean a very specific sub-set of people, namely themselves. 

Meanwhile, normal people just want to see a decent movie, same as they ever did. Hence why one of the few non-disastrous DC movies was helmed by a woman who explicitly rejected the kind of smirking cynicism exemplified by 'The Last Jedi'.

The point is not only that movie journalists turned out to be hideously out of touch with the public, but in so far as politics is downstream of culture, the implosion of Star Wars might shed some light on another failing franchise, namely the Tory Party.

Just like 'The Last Jedi', the Tory Party has embraced empty virtue signalling combined with a sneering attitude to actual virtue and it's having about as much success in terms of garnering support from normal people. It turns out that, MSM to the contrary,  the jaded hipster demographic isn't actually a barometer of where the country is going after all. 

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