Thursday, September 18, 2014

Palace Eunuch Rages At Peasants

Hah - and people said my plan to slip sodium penthol into the water supply at Tory HQ wouldn't work!

When these guys talk about political parties, they mean they should be run as though they were an actual party, a chintzy soiree in North London full of dreadfully witty luvvies, with the only normal people there either serving drinks or kept in a glass display case in the centre of the room.

It's not as if they can claim this guy isn't a total insider either - just in case the absence of any of the standard girly outrage from the usual suspects didn't tip you off. This is what they really believe.

This has always been the enormous black hole at the heart of the Scottish 'No' campaign. Like this guy says, we've had a campaign supporting Britain run by people that don't actually like Britain. He's right that the left doesn't like Britain but the Parris wing of the right doesn't actually like the British.

All the things that make Britain great are things the left opposes. Maybe the Scottish Referendum wasn't the best place to point out that 'An Englishman's home is his castle' but the underlying point gets to the heart of it all. The left is much more comfortable with Continental style government, where the citizens are subject to the whims of a permanent ruling class.

What made Britain great was that the citizens were free to pursue their lives as they saw fit, secure in the knowledge that neither their liberty nor their property could be arbitrarily seized from them. Equally, if you believe that it is the proper role of government to re-engineer society in pursuit of utopia then then idea of limited government constrained by a strong constitution is a problem for you.

The left's hatred of Britain at least has some kind of intellectual basis to it, repellent as their vision of the citizen as a near-serf is. With the Parris wing of the right it's far more squalid. Even these guys know that you could probably pick names randomly out of the Clacton phone book and still come up with people who could explain conservatism better than any of these frauds. Hence their obsession with Political Correctness aka an ever-expanding list of criteria to distinguish between their own enlightened selves and the mindless barbarians with real jobs.

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Nick Roberts said...

Anyone for tennis?

In what used to be called an unforced error, David Cameron has now almost completed the task of installing a potentially hostile foreign country right next to England for the first time in 300 years - acountry whose troops need not even fly, get their feet wet or mind the doors to get here. Do the MetroTories think that our centuries of joint jurisdiction, military alliance, empire and shared culture will count for anything at all when the McPoond goes all Venezuelan BolĂ­var on them and Wee Lachie needs his ESA and Shona can no longer afford that 4 bedroom Clydeside apartment for her fine strapping Caledonian sons Angus, Jor El, Tyson, daKool and Mehhmet?

Way to go, Brainiac.