Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Alternative Culture Update

I'm shocked - shocked - to find drugs involved in this incident.

Nevertheless, I am quite sure that if you don't think guys like this are the modern incarnations of Wordworth and Shelley then you're *still* a really huge raaycist!


JuliaM said...

"In a blog post, which was later deleted from the official Wu-Tang Clan website, the rap collective put a picture of Mr Johnson with the headline 'Exclusive: Not affiliated to the Wutang brand'."

Why, those racist bastar...


Nick Roberts said...

The Mail article doesn’t describe the perp/vic as “Andre Johnson, father of 3…” so there may be a lighter side to this story.

And wouldn’t this be a chance for an enterprising and historically-aware journalist to introduce the phrase self-Bobbitting to the already rich and diverse English language.

I suspect you might be being a little harsh here to rappers as a profession. As poets do (or should) experience life in all its variety of pleasure, pain and grief in order to ply their craft with skill land conviction, it seems that few aspirational careers meet with so much unexpected calamity and personal loss as ‘aspiring rappers.’

Have a little humanity, please.

Nick Roberts said...

here's the forgotten link, oops!